Turn Your Story Into A Book

Ghostwriter, "This IS Your Life: Achieving Greatness in the Wake of Tragedy"
Now selling on Amazon, the autobiography of woman who was married to a word-famous scientist, who was paralyzed in a ski accident at age 40. The book explores how this changed their relationship and their lives. I will be designing and publishing this as well.

Ghostwriter, "Improving Your Game: How to Succeed in Medical Device Sales"
Wrote, designed and published a handbook for success to help those who sell medical devices. The content came from two VP’s at Johnson & Johnson. My mission was to make the information more friendly, entertaining, exciting and motivating for the reader. The book has been very successful.

Editor, “True Colors”
Currently editing a young woman’s autobiography. She already has a contract to publish but needs help with style and diction.

Co-Author, “Come Ride with Me, You Sons of Bitches”
Co-wrote the autobiography of Ray Hampson, who went from, as he says, “the whorehouses of Sin City to penthouses in Florida.” And entertaining yarn of a true, original American character who grew up in one of the roughest cities in America and went on to make millions in insurance.

Co-Author, “Love at the Zenith”
Ghost-wrote an autobiographical novel about a love affair between a billionaire and the woman he deceived. Since I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement, I can’t reveal much more at this time.

Ghostwriter, “Black Girls Can Grow Long, Natural Hair”
Wrote an autobiographical story of how a young Jamaican girl’s life was influenced by having “bad hair” and how she learned to accept herself and her hair, by learning to let it grow naturally beautiful.

Author, “The Art Family”
Was contracted by an internationally-known art teacher to turn her unusual method of teaching children the principles of art into a storybook, ala “Harry Potter,” “The Wizard of Oz,” etc. It involves a magical journey during which she comes to learn the history of art and how all the elements intereact to create beauty and harmony.

Screenwriter, “A Land Remembered”
I was contracted to write this full-length movie screenplay based on the award-winning novel, “A Land Remembered.” This epic historical drama traces the sweeping story of three generations of one of Florida’s founding families from the 1850s to the 1960s. It is currently being submitted to leading producers, directors, actors and agents in Hollywood and around the country.

Writing Coach, “The Jeremy Piven Drinking Game”
This young first-time novelist submitted her work to a well-known agent who liked it, but said it needed to be re-structured to be more exciting and entertaining. I am helping her re-work the narrative timelines in order to accomplish that goal.

Screenwriter, “Domestic Intrusion”
Was contracted to write this action thriller about two boat thieves who unwittingly stumble on the plans and funds for a terrorist plot to do major damage in Miami. With their previous military training, they risk everything to stop the plot, even as both the terrorists and the authorities target them personally. Production funds being sought.

Screenwriter, “Wishing Web”
I was hired by a well-known writer of Spanish telenovellas to co-write his first venture into English screenwriting. This sprightly romantic comedy explores many of the ups and downs of manifesting your wishes and dreams.

Screenwriter, “Forked Tongue”
“Wild Bill” Rask, a local character, hired me to create this feature-length screenplay which is loosely based on his life story. It is a romantic comedy set in the psychedelic 60’s about a guy who loses his girlfriend and then will do literally anything to get her back again, including changing his entire identity. It is currently under development.

Writer/Producer/Editor, "Real Stories Of The Highway Patrol"
Created, wrote and edited stories from raw video footage shot all over the US for this reality-based national TV series, similar to "Cops"  which was produced at Universal Studios.

Direct Response Copywriter, Agora Publishing
Agora is the world’s largest publisher of online newletters, reports and information. The company is owned and run by some of the most famous and successful direct response copywriters ever. They even have their own copywriting school. I wrote sales copy to get people to read and subscribe to one of their online newsletters, the Natural Health Dossier -  as well as to buy online products. My work involved emails, lift letters, long video sales scripts and much more.

Writer/Producer/Director, Incredible Discoveries
As a scriptwriter and producer of both short-from commercials and long-form infomercials for this very large direct response marketing company, I am responsible for creating scripts that generate immediate returns on client’ investments, returns that are measurable in hours, not weeks. I also carry my scripts through to completion, organizing and directing all facets of the production.



My resume speaks for itself